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Who Will Care For Me?

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Written by Hélène Costa De Beauregard
Illustrated by Anita Bagdi 

By presenting  some of the impacts of climate change and moving to solutions to fix it, “Who Will Care For Me?” is a picture book which will help parents, caregivers and teachers spark a discussion about climate change as well as help answer kids who already have questions.

This book brings faith in how we, and the kids in our lives, can change the world.


The book can be read by parents, teachers and other caring adults with the kids in their lives. 

This website provides you with two complementary sections to the book:

- A “Climate Change Questions and Answers” page based on the latest IPCC report,

- A "Explore Solutions" focusing on family needs.


Those online resources  are companions to the book.

We hope they will help you leverage the content of the book in your conversations,  as well as deepen your understanding of climate change.

The book is FREE to download in pdf format or you can order a printed book version.

All profits made from the book  will go support further climate actions. 

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© 2023 Helene Costa de Beauregard and Anita Bagdi 

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