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Exploring solutions

In this section, learn about actions you can take as a family to reduce your greenhouse gases emissions. 

Actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions boil down to: 

  • developping a more sober use of resources (saving) : those actions can be implemented overnight and often require only behavioral changes (eg: taking shorter showers, reducing your meat intake...)

  • switching to more efficient devices or programs that will reduce your intake of energy (efficiency): those actions can be implemented on the short to medium-run and often are cheap or at least not overly expensive (eg: buy a more energy efficient fridge when your old one dies, insulating your attic...)

  • investing in technologies that are not powered by fossil fuels (decarbonisation) : those actions often need to be planned ahead and can require some heavy investments (eg: replace your gas furnace by an electric heat-pump, buy an electric bike...) 

In order to reduce our emissions at the level of speed required, they all need to be leveraged  together :)

Browse by topics, to explore more actions and get inspired! 

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PLEASE NOTE, we only cover emissions reductions, also called mitigation, as the focus of the story is on solutions to reach a net zero greenhouse gases emissions from human activities. Adaptation to climate change, which is as pressing an issue as mitigation, is not discussed. 

© 2023 Helene Costa de Beauregard and Anita Bagdi 

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