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Climate Change Q & A



Based on the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports, this section helps answer some of the questions of the sciences behind climate changes.

If you want to learn about solutions, go to the "Exploring Solutions" section. 

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What is climate change?

In this section, learn the basics: how does climate change occurs? why is this climate cycle differen ? what are the main greenhouse gases ? 

Where do we stand today?

In this section, we answer some questions about climate change in the past, current level of GHG in the atmosphere, the main drivers of human GHG emissions, the carbon budget that remains

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What are some impacts of climate change?

In this section, learn about how climate change is already affecting some of our ecosystems.

PLEASE NOTE, we only cover emissions reductions, also called mitigation, as the focus of the story is on solutions to reach a net zero greenhouse gases emissions from human activities. Adaptation to climate change, which is as pressing an issue as mitigation, is not discussed. 

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